A Story of Fisherman and Coaching

Fisherman and Coaching

This is a story of fisherman and coaching. A Coach was on holiday in the countryside when he found a fisherman with a distant look at the edge of a river:

– Good Morning! Said the Coach. – How are you doing there with your fishery?

– Good Morning! Replied the fisherman, not very cheerful. – Yeah, more or less, but it’s already been better.

– Really? What do you think might be wrong? Asked the Coach.

“Well, I’m not so sure…” And the fisherman scratched his head with a more thoughtful air. From his expression it was possible to see that he thought more than he spoke. – The river is no longer the same, there is a lot of land on the border, maybe the fish is more ahead, in the middle, I do not know…

“Looking from here, I can see that your fishing rod is not too long, and it’s kind of crooked down, what do you make of it?” Asked the Coach, with a kind of expectation.

“Yeah, right,” he agreed, rehearsing a broad grin and facing the Coach. – Maybe you must fix it…

“Good, when do you start working on it?” Asked the Coach, his eyes sparkling. “I’d like to come along with you if it’s not a bothering.”

“Oh, I’ll have to care of it another time, because I can not stop now, no. I need to get some fish here to take to lunch and because my wife-boss has already told me that she’s waiting, if I arrive at home with empty hands, my goodness!” And he faced the river again, back to that far-off looking at the beginning of our narrative…”

How does this story end? It sure does not end in the paragraph above. The most important thing is to understand the trap to which we are subjected all the time in our personal or professional lives not to be caught by surprise.

And you, how would you end this story?

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